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.Subjects: Introduction to basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabets.
Early Development: Videos focusing on motor skills, cognitive development, and social skills.
Interactive Learning: Engaging videos that encourage interaction and play.

Grade 1-5


Core Subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies.
Foundation Building: Videos emphasizing foundational skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic.


Expanded Curriculum: A deeper dive into core subjects with a focus on critical thinking.
 Advanced Topics: Introduction to more advanced topics in science, mathematics, and literature.


Subject Specialization: Provide courses tailored for specific streams, such as Science, Arts, or Commerce.
Skill Development: Videos on study skills, time management, and exam strategies.

What do you get in this course?

1.Nursery and Kindergarten
Learning Outcomes:

Early Literacy Skills:
Students will be able to recognize and write letters, understand phonics, and form basic words.
Students will develop number recognition, counting, and basic math skills.
Social Development:
Students will improve their social skills, including sharing, cooperation, and communication.
Fine Motor Skills:
Students will enhance fine motor skills through activities like drawing, coloring, and cutting.

2. Middle School Learning Outcomes
(Grade 6-8):

Subject Mastery:
Students will achieve a deeper understanding of core subjects and advanced topics.
Research Skills:
Students will learn how to conduct research, evaluate sources, and present findings.
Exploring Interests:
Students will have the opportunity to explore their interests through elective courses.
Preparation for High School:
Students will be well-prepared for the challenges of high school.

3.Elementary School Learning Outcomes
(Grade 1-5):

Strong Foundation:
Students will have a solid foundation in core subjects like mathematics, English, science, and social studies.
Critical Thinking:
Students will develop critical thinking skills to solve problems and think analytically.
Effective Communication:
Students will improve their reading, writing, and verbal communication skills.
Creativity and Expression:
Students will express themselves through art, music, and other creative outlets.
Basic Scientific Concepts:
Students will gain a better understanding of scientific principles and the natural world.

4. High School Learning Outcomes
(Grade 9-12):

Specialized Knowledge:
Students will gain specialized knowledge in their chosen academic stream (Science, Arts, Commerce).
College and Career Readiness:
Students will be prepared for college admission exams and career exploration.
Critical Analysis:
Students will develop the ability to critically analyze complex texts and concepts.
Advanced Placement (AP):
Students will be prepared to excel in advanced courses and exams.
Life Skills:
Students will acquire essential life skills, including financial literacy and time management.

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Welcome to 'Learning with Prepongo,' where education knows no boundaries! From the youngest minds in Kindergarten to the aspiring graduates of Grade 12, we're your partners in learning. Our channel is a treasure trove of knowledge, designed to spark curiosity and fuel your academic journey. Subscribe today and embark on an educational adventure that spans all classes. Let's explore, discover, and excel together with 'Learning with Prepongo.

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Why should you Buy This course?

1. Comprehensive Curriculum:
Our team of experienced educators and curriculum experts has meticulously designed our videos to align with national and international standards.
From the fundamental concepts in nursery to the complexities of the 12th grade, we've got it all covered.

2. Engaging Learning Experience:
We know that a boring lesson won't inspire a lifelong
love of learning.
Our videos are crafted to be interactive, engaging,
and visually appealing, making the learning process
enjoyable for students.

3. Continuous Innovation:
The world of education is constantly evolving, and so are we.
We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of educational
technology, incorporating the latest pedagogical
approaches and tools into our platform.

4. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere:
Our content is available online, 24/7, making learning accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
Whether you're at home, in a remote village, or anywhere in the world, PrepOnGo is there for you.

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